Delphi Insurance Solutions Expands Medicare Offerings

A New Year Brings New Options

The 2019 Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare is about to begin. Every year, between October 15th and December 7th, seniors have a small window of time to review their current Medicare coverage and make changes when necessary.

This year brings interesting challenges to many seniors for wading through their potential options. There’s at least one major Medicare Insurance plan that is going away for 2019. There’s at least one major Insurance plan that is new to the residents of Thurston and Mason Counties. This is the time of year seniors look for guidance to understand what choices are available to them and hopefully gain the understanding to make a well informed decision. They also look to understand what’s new for 2019.

Delphi Insurance Solutions is run and operated by Mark and Alisa Eggen in Olympia, WA. Earlier this year, they completed the acquisition of additional insurance carriers to further enhance their customers’ choices. Mark and Alisa have worked for 25 plus years training and consulting individuals and businesses. Mark entered the insurance industry 15 years ago and began presenting Medicare Solutions in 2014. Alisa joined him in 2016.

Delphi Insurance Solutions is an Insurance Brokerage, which means that they are able to offer insurance from as many carriers as they want. Mark and Alisa are very selective as to which companies they actually represent, but focus almost exclusively on Medicare products and select complementary offerings related to seniors. They will only represent companies that are stable, offer good quality plans, have good customer service and provide a strong, robust Doctor Network when necessary. From the very beginning, they offered Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans from AARP (insured through United Healthcare). United Healthcare’s plans have been market leaders in Western Washington for many reasons; and have been in the Medicare business for over three decades. They remain a strong option for residents living in most of Western Washington, including Lewis County.

2019 Additions

Added to this year’s and next year’s offerings from Delphi Insurance Solutions will include Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Prescriptions Drug plans from Aetna and Humana as well as Medicare Supplement plans from Humana.

Aetna is new to the residents of Thurston and Mason counties, but they are a major company that maintains a very robust doctor and pharmacy network in all 50 states. Their plans have been available to residents of Pierce and King Counties for some time, but this year marks a major expansion in our Medicare market. Aetna has been in business since 1853 and was the first company to process a Medicare claim in 1966.

Humana has been available for residents of Thurston County for some time, but has expanded into Mason County for Plan year 2019. Humana has made major strides in expanding their doctor network, while continuing their already robust pharmacy network. Steps have been taken to improve both customer and provider support. Their plans have also progressively improved across the board, making them a very competitive choice for some.

Mark and Alisa are both proud and excited to offer all plans from United Healthcare (AARP), Aetna and Humana. By offer Medicare plans from three strong companies, Mark and Alisa are able to provide detailed plan information as well as a one stop source to compare Insurance Solutions. Since they receive equal compensation regardless of which plan or carrier individuals select, they do not have a financial incentive to steer anyone to one specific plan or one specific company; choosing instead to offer a comparison of plans that are most appropriate for the individual’s specific situation, needs, and budget.

Medicare beneficiaries represent Mark and Alisa’s primary clientele focus. For twelve months of the year, providing individuals with valuable Medicare information is a non-stop process. While they do offer complementary products, Medicare Solutions will always represent their core focus. Delphi Insurance Solutions is able to help individuals turning 65, retiring soon, or those that qualify for a special election period as a result of moving, having low income, losing other insurance, etc. That’s part of how Mark and Alisa can remain active all year long and not just during the Annual Enrollment Period.

For Medicare Beneficiaries that are also eligible for Medicaid (dual eligibility), there are now two specialized products that offer additional benefits. United Healthcare has been a major player in the Dual Market, but now Humana’s Dual plan is available for comparison. For moderately low income beneficiaries that don’t fully qualify for Medicaid, there are a couple State and Federal programs that Mark and Alisa have become very fluent in. They help advice low income clients on programs that may help pay for prescription drugs and Medicare part B premiums.

Beginning in October and running through November, Mark and Alisa have each scheduled to have several dozen classrooms, presentations, and information tables throughout Thurston and Lewis Counties during this year’s Annual Enrollment Period. Event locations will be officially announced after October 1st. They will each begin scheduling in-home consultations for those wanting a personal touch to help simplify choices available, understand what’s new for 2019, and to make it easier for Medicare beneficiaries to make a well informed decision.

For More Information, Contact Mark at (360)362-3655 or Alisa at (253)970-3863

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